Isti    :"Hallo, my name is Isti?"
Fatih :"Hi, my name is Fatih."
Isti.   :"How do you do?"
Fatih :"I am good."
Isti    :"where do you live?"
Fatih :"I live at jl. Jakarta no 5, and where do you live."
Isti    :"I live at jl. Baranang siang no 49."
Fatih :"Oh okay! "
Isti    :"Do you have phone number?"
Fatih :"Yes, I have it's 085840255420."
Isti    :"My I use your?"
Fatih :"Certainly, You my."
Isti    :"What is your hobby?"
Fatih :"My hobby is singing, and how about you?"
Isti    :"My hobby is dancing."
Fatih : If we have alot of times, next time I will singing and you dacing!"
Isti    :"it's good idea."
Fatih :"Yes of course.Well I thank you, but sorry I must go now .I will call you after I arrive in my home see you next time."
Isti    :"Okay see you! "


Dialogue at Birthday PartyIntan : "Hello! What is your name?"
Bella  : "Hi! My name is Bella Putri Aisyah, you can call me Bella, and you?"
Intan : "My name is Setiawati Intan Safitri, you can call me Intan."
Bella  : "Oh ya, how old are you?"
Intan : "I am fiveteen, almost sixteen."
Bella  : "Wow! When will you be sixteen?"
Intan : "September."
Bella  : "Next month?"
Intan : "Yes, my birthday is coming soon."
Bella  : "Will you have a party?"
Intan : " I don't think so. But, i think if we eat together with our friends at KFC not?"
Bella  : "Okay, i will tell our friends about his."
Intan : "Oh good, Thank you."
Bella : "Okay, you're welcome."

This is me!

My name is Isti Aisyah Putri .My nickname Isti,iti,caca .I was born in Cianjur on 27th july 2001 .I live in Bandung in the Baranang Siang street namber 49/34B .My shcool in SMAN 3 Bandung, X- Social. I have two brothers.My hobby is cooking because cooking make me happy. My favorite food zupa-zupa and nasi goreng. My favorite drink strawberry juice. My favorite color pink, green, purpele, and blue. My favorite subject mats. When I grow up I wanna be modeling and pramugari.And now i want to tell you about  my friend. I have friend her name is Widya Diandara. She live on Cingised street namber 15. She was born on the 1th december 2001. She have one sister.  And her hobby drawing and listening music.  Her favorite food noodle. She like subject art. And she wanna be diplomat. That's about me and my friend. How about you?